Sustainable Community Development Program for Poverty Reduction, Social Change and Advancement of Youth 
Major components:
A) Social mobilization
B) Skills development
C) Income generation and
D) Community Infrastructure Development

The project:

Development of the Social Enterprise Model at the community level for poverty reduction, employment generation and youth social inclusion 

Thematic areas:
 Youth Capacity Building and Social Inclusion

Poverty reduction

  • Economic growth and Communities’ empowerment
  • Eco-conscious approach to Sustainable Development
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Promotion of volunteerism

The primary objective of the Project is to cultivate an innovative model of alternative livelihood that will involve youth and overall communities in the sustainable development process by providing support mechanisms for application of the young people’s knowledge into gainful practice.

Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy is intended to advocate for a culture of tolerance and mutual understanding as the basis of the civil and democratic society.

Cultural Bridges
The overall goal of the Cultural Bridges program is to develop the capacity of the cultural community to influence public and private policies on its own behalf and to assure that the nation's cultural resources are sustainable and contribute to the health of the democratic society. We believe that tolerance and understanding among people are built through cultural exchange experiences. Our goal is to create high quality, personalized professional training programs for the program participants.

Community Revitalization
The Community Revitalization program seeks to transform environments and enhance the quality of life in urban places, increase their ability to attract and retain a diversity of residents and employers, and insure that urban policies and development promote social equity.

Youth Development
Youth Development is a program of the Education, Career & Community Program for the young people. We provide a wide range of training, technical assistance, professional development, curriculum development and consultation on youth development, community-based learning and school-to-work transitions. We engage as co-creators of their futures. It seeks to ensure the wellbeing of all children and adolescents and to help prepare them for adulthood and the responsibilities of being parents, workers, and citizens.

Effective Citizenry

The goal of the Effective Citizenry program is to support young people to take action with others to address meaningful problems in their schools, neighborhoods and the larger society.

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