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Global Civil Initiatives, Inc. is opening its first social enterprise in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in form of a charity shop and needs volunteers to generate in-kind contributions (used clothing, toys, books, laptops, etc). Part of the generated goods will be sold through a charity shop and part will be distributed to needy people in Kyrgyzstan including orphans, victims of violence, homeless and many other vulnerable groups. The generated financial resources will be spent to support the projects developed by GCI.

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Дорогие Друзья,

С особым удовольствием хотим сообщить вам, что организация Глобальные Общественные Инициативы была включена фондом Рокфеллера в список 100 самых инновационных организаций в мире!:


Анонс: Для поддержки проекта по очищению окружающей среды вокруг озера Иссык-Куль, Глобальные Общественные Инициативы начала кампанию по сбору средств:

Announcement:  To support the project on cleaning up the environment around the lake of Issky-Kul, the Global Civil Initiatives has started a fundraising campaign at:

Вы можете связаться c нами по:

С Наилучшими пожеланиями,

Команда Добровольцев,  Глобальные  Общественные Инициативы 

You can volunteer your time to raise money for GCI’s and make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people in Kyrgyzstan. Here are some examples of how we spend the money that fundraising volunteers raise for us:

  • $ 70 allows a child to get involved in confidence-building activities such as sport, art or drama for a day
  • $ 295 hires a minibus for a group of disabled children to go out for the day
  • $ 1,600 buys essentials for a family centre

Many volunteers are part of a GCI’s Helper Group (GCIHG) in their local area. GCIHGs are groups of volunteer fundraisers that hold regular fundraising events for GCI. The efforts of some 80GCIHGs help us to make  positive difference of the lives of the children and families in our projects. To get involved with your nearest GCIHG please Contact us

                                  ‘You don’t raise money, you raise hope’.

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