Global Civil Initiatives, Inc. (GCI) is a unique humanitarian and development organization, which combines scientific research and practical application committed to fight social ills (unemployment, illiteracy, diseases, human rights violations, etc.) and contribute to peace, democracy and mutual understanding by supporting people and enabling them to take care of themselves , the communities and the surrounding environments they live in.  We promote social, economic, environmental, cultural, educational and scientific programs to build and strengthen institutional and community initiatives for fair and just societies with the opportunities for all.

Recent Events:

 Youth of Kyrgyzstan has widely participated in the Global Youth Service Day (April26-29), initiated and supported by the Youth Service America and organized by the Global Civil Initiatives (GCI) along with its partners including Mayor’s Offices in Karakol and Talas, youth-led organization”  Leadership” and vocational training lyceums. This action is a part of the GCI  project on responsible citizenship and civic engagement to instill a sense of civic responsibility in Kyrgyz youth by engaging youth in community service activities.

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