As a non-profit organization we rely on public support and volunteer actions.  We are very much grateful to all our active volunteers who contribute their time, knowledge, passion, good will, and generous hearts and care to battle social problems including illiteracy, poverty, emergencies and many other cases.  

Currently we need world-wide volunteers to generate in-kind donations for our new charity shop. We are sure every one of you has some extra stuff that clutter your closets and you never use them again, but the item might be an invaluable gift for the needy person. By donating your unused clothing, laptop, books, or any other item you are inadvertently contributing not only to poverty reduction, but also to safeguarding our Planet from ecological disasters.

The shop will be totally run by volunteers except the shop-manager. Part of the collected goods will be given to those who are in need and the part will be sold and the financial resources will support our innovative projects.

Be part of this noble action. All questions, please refer to: contact@globalcivin.org

Thank you for your generous act! 

We welcome everyone! Join us to make difference and improve the world we live in!

Peace building
Peace building is integral part of the GCI program, contributing to a climate of mutual understanding and tolerance through joint activities and peace education. Thus, communities are linked not only based on their development status but also on the basis of past or current conflicts. Peace building models between and within the communities will be developed, beginning with Osh communities where they will cooperate on peace building activities related to youth and children.

Youth development Youth development is based on the need to develop personal characteristics in young people that will help them become better citizens and more successful in public life. Youth development programs stress developing personal identity, responsibility, caring, and tolerance.

Information and communications technology (ICT)
Volunteers help communities capitalize on technologies by teaching computer and multimedia skills, developing regional databases, and implementing networks for non-governmental organizations, businesses and government offices.
Agriculture Volunteers work with small farmers to increase food production while promoting environmental conservation practi
Young people interested in environment work on a wide variety of activities, from teaching environmental awareness to planting trees within a community from introducing new approaches to tourism ensuring ecological sustainability to establishing small social enterprises run by youth.
Food Security ·
Young people will be involved in some capacity to support food security through projects in health and nutrition, agriculture, and the environment.
The program will give children the opportunity to develop their talents and express their own cultures and ideas through artistic tools in areas such as music, painting, and theater, thereby contributing to their social and emotional development. Art has proven to be a critical tool for economic and psychological development as well as social cohesion. Opportunities to attend artistic events will be made available through local centers. In cooperation with local and international partners, tools and training seminars will be developed to facilitate the artistic and cultural expression of the children. An emphasis will be placed on joint performances and workshops in the arts to facilitate peace building between children and youth on opposing sides of recent or prior conflicts
Service learning
Service learning allows students to combine service projects with academics. Schools partner with the community to create service opportunities for students that have clear goals and meet real needs. Evaluation, reflection, and student leadership are important parts of service learning programs.
Civic education
Civic education is an important approach that schools and youth organizations can use to prepare young people to be responsible citizens. Instruction, discussion, community service, and leadership experience will all be part of a civic education program.
Many young people contribute to HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives during their service as volunteers, regardless of their area of expertise.
The sports project will help to organize events and games with a particular emphasis on peace building activities by gathering youth from different backgrounds and sides of conflict. The project will also facilitate the creation of sports classes aimed at training youth starting from age 16 and above to become managers of sports infrastructure, teachers of physical education, coaches and referees empowered to pass on their skills other children in the community.

Education youth volunteers will introduce innovative teaching methodologies, encourage critical thinking in the classroom, and integrate issues like health education and environmental awareness, nutrition and health, as well as the basic use of computer equipment, and other issues. In turn, the young trainers will be empowered to instruct children using software and hardware tools provided through the local school system

Health volunteers educate and promote awareness of the issues such as malnutrition, sanitation and safe drinking water. Besides they also provide companionship and comfort to the bed-ridden patients either in hospitals or homes.

We welcome everyone to join any activity of their choice. To get more information, please follow the indicated links on the left or send the inquiry through the page: Contact us.

To join our growing network of active volunteers, please contact us and attend one of the next meetings or activities.

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